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September 16, 2016
Moye Family Custom Farmhouse

Retirement. An exciting time of life, right? There are so many stages of life until we reach retirement; we imagine it, we plan for it and then all of sudden it’s here and you are living it. For some of us, we are living day to day that it’s hard to imagine ever being retired. Or maybe it’s on the horizon and you are so close to the excitement that retirement brings. If you are enjoying your well-deserved retirement, congratulations!

But retirement isn’t something that just happens. There is preparing and planning, and more preparing and planning. Let’s not forget all the preparing and planning too. We all know it’s not easy and not much fun, but for major things in life, it’s necessary. And the final result from all that preparing and planning is usually pretty amazing. Which brings us to talk about the Moye’s custom farmhouse. It is stunning and a true representation of the time they spent, yes I’ll say it again, preparing and planning.

About 10 years ago David and Rhonda Moye purchased several acres of land just outside the city limits of Senoia, Georgia. They didn’t purchase the property knowing they would someday build their retirement home. They have always enjoyed living in their large historic homes and have some experience renovating old historic homes. Rhonda, especially, enjoyed living in a large home and living in historic Senoia. She couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Building a custom home just wasn’t part of the life they envisioned.

But when they started planning and preparing for the reality of retirement, downsizing and building a custom home started to become a reality and a perfect fit for what they want for the rest of their lives. Eventually after many discussions with family and colleagues, Will Leslie and Curtis Sebastian of L & S Contracting came highly recommended.

Remember, how the Moye’s have had some experience renovating historic homes? Well, turns out they have quite a bit of experience with construction and renovating. It wasn’t easy to decide to build a custom home. Then to let go of control, that wasn’t easy either. There was a lot of anticipation of the bumps in the road. Not what the bumps would be, but how bumpy was this road going to get. Good thing they had Will and Curtis on their side.

“Curtis and Will have a way of truly listening to their clients. They have a strong work ethic, which eased all of our anticipation. The experience was painless! They also have great relationships with their contractors. And that goes a long way in the construction business”, said Rhonda Moye.

And now on to the good stuff, the final product, the Moye’s custom farmhouse. I can take time to describe it with all these big, fancy words and I’m sure you would enjoy reading it. But let’s just get to the pictures already! Check it out!

L & S Contracting was established in 2012 by Will Leslie and Curtis Sebastian. Their custom homes in Coweta County, Georgia and the surrounding areas including Fayette County and Pike County, Georgia are built with quality products and outstanding craftsmanship.


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