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July 22, 2015
The Barbour Family Building their Dream Home

The Barbour Family Building Their Dream Home

Clint and Karen Barbour are a hardworking, professional couple with a young son, Jonas.  After they got married they moved into what was a perfect home for them in Peachtree City. As they began expanding their family, they realized their home couldn’t expand with them. Now that Jonas is an active toddler, they are even more in need of space for their family. After many discussions over the months and years, they have decided to build a new home on 5 acres in southeast Coweta County, just a few miles from historic Senoia.

So how did they get to this point? Well, this story is just the beginning. If you have contemplated building a new home, but have some hesitations, follow the Barbour’s as they go through the new construction, custom home building process.

Clint and Karen’s 1200 square foot home in Peachtree City was a perfect home for just the two of them starting out as a newly married couple. It was close to both of their parents, had direct access to the golf cart paths in Peachtree City, a few miles from their offices in Fayetteville and convenient to retail and restaurants. The only downside to this home was the size, especially when they began preparing their home for their first child.

They went through what many people go through. “Do we renovate our current home?” “Is it worth it?” For the Barbour’s, they didn’t want to live in a construction zone nor did they feel it would be worth it. So the next question for them was, “Do we buy/build a new home or find an older home to purchase?” After much research and discussion, they decided it would be much more beneficial and affordable for them to build a new home. However, if they were building a new home, they wanted some land. So the next part of their search was finding the land and a builder.

Clint and Curtis, co-owner of L & S Contracting have been friends for more than half their life, so trusting a friend and L & S Contracting was the best decision for the Barbour’s. Senoia was an obvious location for them, because many of their friends and family are already living or are moving to the area.  Still, though, finding the land wasn’t easy and they had to be patient until they found the right property. According to Karen, “It takes a very vivid imagination to picture your home on a piece of property when all you can see is trees. It was like a feeling. When we saw it, we knew it.” Clint said, “We really put all our trust in Curtis and Will to help us find the land, and they made it happen.”

Barbour_(1).jpgCurrently, a portion of the property has been cleared of trees and has been graded in preparation for the slab to be poured. When asked what they are looking forward to most about their home, Clint said “I’m excited to have 5 acres of land to have a garden, walking trails and maybe even a tire swing for Jonas.” Karen is looking forward to having her “dream kitchen overlooking the family room and all the memories they will make as a family”.

The Barbour’s home is scheduled to be completed in late October or early November. They are excited they will be able to celebrate the holidays in their new home. Follow us over the next few months as the Barbour’s continue on this journey of building their dream home.